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Griffon Aviation is the global supplier of commercial aircraft spare-parts, services, repairs, and overhaul support. Our clients enjoy the more than 20 years of combined experience our professional staff offers, which allows Griffon Aviation to support over 20 airlines in Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Through our large network of shops and OEM’s, Griffon Aviation will meet your needs for Rotables, Expendables, Consumables, Tools, and Chemicals with 24/7 AOG Desk in Hilliard, Ohio and Sharjah Airport, SHJ. We're able to respond to your AOG requests in less than 2 hours, and within 24 hours for less critical and routine requests.

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Consumables & Expandables (C&E)

Our C&E program is specifically designed to save you time and money while reducing your capital investment by planning, procuring, transporting and managing your spare parts. Whether it’s metal extrusions, cables, seals, adhesives, lubricants, switches or hoses, Griffon Aviation will ensure we have the exactly the spare parts you need when you need it.

Rotable Components

We are your trusted supplier for Airframe Rotable Components including avionics, engine parts, APU’s, hydraulic systems, landing gears, wheels, brakes, electrical and radio communication instruments. Griffon Aviation will warehouse, market, exchange and ship your inventory anywhere in the world and if we don’t have it in stock, we will find it for you.

Consignment & Surplus

Our Consignment & Surplus program allows you to sell excess new or serviceable parts to free up additional space, reduce your operational costs and improve cash flow. Griffon Aviation’s team will warehouse, market, exchange and ship your inventory anywhere in the world. The Griffon Aviation team specializes in the sale and purchase of parts and material for Airframe, Engines, APU’s, & Landing Gears. Let us turn your excess inventory into capital.

Components Repair & Exchange

Our component repair and exchange program allows airlines to save both time and money by providing the parts they need, when they need them. Our exchange and repair program provides immediate replacement of the airlines unserviceable spare-parts while avoiding large increases in inventory costs.


Through our partnership withOEM’s & MRO’s around the world, Griffon Aviation Services has a wide range of capabilities to support your avionics needs. Our capabilities include but are not limited to VHF Communications Transceiver, Antenna Coupler, Audio Control Panels, VOR/ILS Marker Beacon Receiver and many others.

AOG Support

Griffon Aviation understands how critical it is for you to get your parts order fulfilled and your aircraft back in the air. Our dedicated, expert AOG support team, works 24/7. 365 to fulfill your A.O.G. order quickly and accurately every time.

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Griffon Aviation Services, LLC is committed to upholding the highest level of procurement, sales, services, operations, and quality standards for the distribution of aviation components that meet or exceed customer and applicable requirements. Griffon Aviation Services, LLC strives to continuously improve its Quality Management System through the measurement and monitoring of established processes, business practices, and Quality Objectives.

Please view our ASA-100 Certification USA or email us for a copy of our approved QMS manual.

ASA Certificate USA

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